Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Isn't getting sick awful?

Since Sunday night, I have been MIA with some paralyzing stomach virus. Well today actually, I've been able to get up and am sitting at the airport waiting for my flight home from NYC.

Me freaking out when I was sick is an understatement. I was sobbing as I threw up, because I had so much to do, missed my mom taking care of me, and was scared to lose the muscle I worked so hard to gain.

Anyway, after my dramatic episode and with my aunt's help, I started eating(ish) and drinking the right things. And though I am not a doctor, I thought that I'd share what worked to getting me on the road to recovery.

1) Ginger root tea: My aunt made me a hot cup of tea with real ginger root. It was more mild than ginger tea from a tea bag so I was able to stomach it.

2) Apple cider vinegar: For whatever reason, this vinegar works wonders for health purposes. Two of my aunts have a couple teaspoons diluted in water daily. Reader's Digest calls it a "kitchen cabinet cure" and I believe it because it helped get my fever down.

3) Fancy water: When I feel this crappy, I will straight up splurge on a big bottle of $5.00 Voss water. It's mental, yes, but staying hydrated is the best way to get well and avoid a trip to the ER. So treat yourself to some Artesian water if you can stomach keeping anything down. Smart Balance is good too because it has electrolytes, which are important when you are not able to keep food down.

4) Fiberless cereal and rice milk: Avoid lactose and drink rice milk; the components can help settle your stomach. Eat a bland cereal like cornflakes to avoid tummy upset.

Also, as soon as you can stomach it, eat. I am having a banana smoothie right now, but had cereal last night because my stomach was OK with it. Don't relish in your flu-related weightloss and take advantage of your lack of appetite by not eating. It's terrible for your body, and does not let you lose weight the right and smart way.

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