Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Road Trippin' Wellness

Good morning, All. It is day two of the road trip from DC to LA, and we have about 35 hours to go. Last night, I ate corn from KFC and the inside of two white meat chicken breasts. It was literally the healthiest thing available because they didn't have grilled chicken. Sometimes shiz happens and you simply have to improvise.

Yesterday my fiancé showed me a resistance band workout, which was awesome.

Today, we went to the hotel gym, then Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Oatmeal, fruit, one egg, and one piece of bacon for me. Oh, and sugar free maple syrup with the oatmeal. Cracker Barrel's sugar free maple is so good.

If anyone wants the resistance band workout, let me know because it can be done in a hotel room.

I'll have a recipe posted Friday when I get to LA and make healthy chili for my aunt's birthday.

Until then, I'll keep updating on the trip, as I'm determined to eat well and exercise throughout!

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