Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Healthy Dinner on the Road from Chili's

Yesterday we drove through Tennessee and Arkansas. It was a long, long day with rain and construction on the 40 that stopped us completely for about an hour. Thank goodness the dogs have been good.

Yesterday for lunch we had the best BBQ in Nashville. I went for 1/2 of a chicken sans skin, with corn and green beans. Oh, and unsweetened tea with a drop of lemonade. So freakin' bomb.

For dinner, we stopped at Chili's, who has a light option menu now. While my fiancé scarfed down some ribs, I had a six ounce sirloin with broccoli and a house salad with vinegar and no croutons. That meal was less than 300 calories, so I was able to fit in a couple glasses of wine.

Throughout the day, I snaked on dry figs and a Kind bar.

With exercise, I consumed about 1500 calories. I have to say though, after a long day of driving, the wine was worth it.

This morning I started off with oatmeal from Starbucks with almonds and 25 calories worth of brown sugar, a tall skinny vanilla latte, and lots of water.

I'll have an orange and banana in a few hours.

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  1. Love your new project, Danielle! You look amazing.

    Happy travels Danielle and Matt! So good to see y'all before you left! <3