Sunday, March 3, 2013

Healthy Eating and Moving Across the Country...let's hope so!

My fiancé and I are driving from Alexandria, VA to Los Angeles, CA. It's going to be fun, but eating well is going to be a challenge.

I am starting with a collection of healthy snacks, including Starbucks refresher packs, bananas, dried figs, walnuts, and plenty of water.

I will be posting about what I eat when we stop on the way. No matter where we stop, I am determined to make my meal healthy. I promise you that even Mc Donald's has something good and clean to eat.

Wish me luck, and hopefully we can all take some tips from it.

I have been moving boxes for two days and have not made it to the gym. I am planning to during the road trip, but it might not be possible, so eating healthy will be especially important.

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