Friday, March 29, 2013

Cheat Day, A-OK!

We all need cheat days, aka your day every week where you have treats of your choice. When I cheat, I make sure that it's the best cheat ever by going somewhere with variety.

Living in the South Bay Beach Cities, Hot's Kitchen is one of my favorites. Their menu is custom, their beers/wines are local, and their furniture made of recycled materials.

The main reason I go, however, is for the street tacos. The whole few dozen of them fused with local ingredients, each made to taste uniquely delicious.

My three (from left, clockwise) are flavorful pork with white barbecue sauce and coleslaw, veggie with a custom sauce, and a chicken veggie concoction. I also had pieces of red velvet ice cream sandwiches for dessert and some wine.

I posted this to remind you to give yourself some slack. We all need our cheat day and there is nothing wrong with that. Remember that too much deprivation can lead to a binge, so treat yourself every week.

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